Canossa caters to all-round development of the students with the aim of developing a sound mind in a healthy body.

Coaching sessions in sports and physical training classes are conducted regularly. Every week, students are taught various exercises, yoga, lezim and field events in PT classes. We also have training in Table Tennis, Chess, Karate and Classical Dancing. Our karate classes are conducted by the Gojukai Karate do, Gojukan India.

Athletic practices are held every morning before school begins, for those students who wish to participate. Intersquad competitions like Throwball matches encourage a spirit of sportmanship and healthy competition.

Canossa organizes an Annual Sports Meet for the students, in which they participate in drills, athletics, fancy races, march past, tug-of-war, aerobics, gymnastics and various other field events.

Several of our students have won accolades at state and national level.



  1. Krishnapriya Jayaprakash(international)
  2. Devyanshi Dungaria(international)
  3. Mansi Gala (national)
  4. Juili londhe(national)
  5. .Nidhi Dalvi(state)
  6. Maitri Mehta(state)
  7. Sejal Pillai(state)
  8. Siddhi Shetty (district)
  9. Pavitra Balgi(district)
  10. Richa Charles(district)


  1. Aditi Karambelkar(national)
  2. .Preeti Shanbhag (state)
  3. Rutuja Tamboli(state)
  4. Madhushree Mehter (state)


Samiksha Kamble(district)


  1. Siddhi Mane(state)
  2. Anagha Salvi(district)
  3. Shruti Tambe(district)


Ms.Vanshika Solanki (District)


Ms.Vanshika Solanki(state)


Ms.Astha Chaudary(state)


  1. .Anagha Salvi(state)
  2. Shruti Tambe(state)

Highlights of some our Sports Winners

Tanvi Naik stood 2nd in the U-16 and Rutuja Tamboli 2nd in the U-12, Rope Mallakhamb event, Maharashtra School Sports Association tournament. They won the 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the District Level Rope Mallakhamb event. Harshada Pawar competed in Mallakhamb at Mumbai district level, at the All India National Invitational Mallakhamb championship, Gwalior, and went to Munich, Germany, to impart Mallakhamb training to German children in August 2009.

Trishala Shivtarkar

Trishala Shivtarkar

Trishala Shivtarkar of Std 10 is our star swimmer.

Madhura Waykar won bronze at the National Cycling Championship and silver at the State level race in U-17 girls’ event. She secured the 3rd place at Zonal level.

Anushka and Akanksha Bhende

Anushka and Akanksha Bhende

Twin sisters, Anushka and Akanksha Bhende have made us proud by competing consistently in Rifle shooting at the national level. Anushka got 2nd place and Akanksha 3rd at DSO city level.

Natasha Fernandes secured 2nd spot in the Interschool Chess competition held at Modern English High School.

Disha Nidre

Disha Nidre

Jasmeet Dadial

Jasmeet Dadial

Disha Nidre is our young national gold medallist in gymnastics. She stood 1st in DSO city, 2nd at State level and 1st at National level in rhythmic gymnastics. Jasmeet Dadial has also performed well in gymnastics at the national level.

Krishnapriya won the first prize in shiai (two-person match) and second prize in kata (form) at the All India Gojukai Karate tournament at Balewadi (Pune) camp. She also won the second prize in the district-level shiaiheld at the University Sports Ground, Marine Lines, first prize in kata and second prize in kumite at interschool level. Devyanshi Dungaria won the gold in kata and silver in kumite at the All India tournament, Pune. She won the third place in kata and kumite at interschool level and second place in kumite at the district-level.Pavitra Rajasekaran Pillai won the third prize in shiai and kata at Balewadi, and the third prize in the district level shiaiAqsa Khan (Std VII) won a gold medal; Andrea Sequeira and Sidrah Khan (Std V) won a bronze medal each in the interschool karate competition this year.