Pragati Shikshan

All children are St Magdalene’s precious ones. We conduct Pragati Shikshan after-school classes for students who need extra help in academics.

We follow St Magdalene’s 3-A method in coaching these students:
 Accept the child
 Acknowledge the child
 Appreciate the child

Here at Pragati Shikshan, we foster a Can-Do attitude. Every little step that the child takes in the right direction is acknowledged and appreciated. We help the child see that the small step is the beginning towards a long journey and at every step of her journey, there is a guide by her side. We pick activities that do not overwhelm the child, ones that are ‘do-able’ with a little effort. We try to develop their talents throughout the year, be it carroms, chess, badminton, dramatics or dancing. We reinforce the idea that children are capable and applaud as they master each new challenge.

A lot of importance is given to selection of teachers/volunteers. We make sure that they are comfortable and capable of dealing with these needy children. Building the children’s self-esteem is a task that never be exaggerated. We make sure that every child feels important, self-confident and loved. No child must be compared to another or made to feel low. Each child is a unique individual and we respect their right to make choices and are proud of them and their efforts.