Extra-curricular activities

We at Canossa, always aim for a goal which will bring results in a long run. With that goal in mind, we motivate our students to go beyond themselves. Our school offers a wide range of activities and extra-curriculars to tap out the fullest potential in eah student. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities such as tuckshops, outreach programmes and musicals.

Canossa has a Students’ Band and an active Girl Guides chapter.

School Band Girls Day Eco Group
Life-skills Sessions & Retreats

Life-skills sessions are organized by our school, where the students learn more about themselves and are equipped with skills to face various situations in life.


Essay and handwriting competitions are held for each standard every year. Students can take part in various interschool and intersquad competitions in drawing, singing, dancing, elocution and dramatics. They can explore their creative side through painting, stitching, knitting and making useful objects out of waste. They can also participate in various exhibitions held on different topics.


Here at Canossa, we celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Eid and Christmas. We also celebrate national days such as the Republic Day and the Independence Day.

School picnics are organised every year, where students and the teaching and non-teaching staff can relax and have fun.

Science Project Womens Day Eco Group

Each standard organizes a tuckshop once a year and brings delicious food that is sold to the students during the recess at nominal prices. The proceeds of the sale are used for the development of the school.

Eco-friendly Group

Two volunteer students per class take a special pledge to care for the environment as well as take responsibility for growing two plants – a chilli plant and the other, a tomato plant.

Canossa firmly believes in the 3 R’s as a way of life – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Students and teachers ensure that fans and lights are switched off when not required and used only when necessary. Students are encouraged to segragate waste in the classroom.

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