“Every child of God fills a special place in His plan.”

Canossa High School comprises of ten standards and prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination. The course of instruction includes all the subjects prescribed by the Government for English Teaching Schools of Maharashtra. The school is subject to inspection by the Department of Education, Maharashtra State.

We encourage interest in each and every subject and also in every field. Languages, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies, Physical Training, Sports, Arts, Spirituality, Social Service and Yoga are undertaken with seriousness of purpose.

Unit tests and semester exams are conducted regularly to assess student progress and ensure students are absorbing the material presented in class and revising regularly. Assignments, projects and reviews encourage students to think beyond the textbook and pique their interest to learn more about the subject. Our teachers are always at hand to explain, encourage and direct the student’s attention in the correct direction.

We at Canossa aim at training our pupils to be simple, honest, kind and cheerful, both in school or at home, ever ready to be of service to the needy and downtrodden, to be proud citizens of their country and to be inspiring messengers of change in the world of today.

Intellectual training is imparted through instruction aimed at academic excellence, helping them think for themselves and arrive at the right judgement.

Physical education is promoted with the purpose of developing a sound mind in a healthy body. We offer physical training, apparatus drill and special coaching in athletics, basketball, throwball, karate and other sports.

Emotional and social training is encouraged through the Squad System, Class Democracy, Leadership, Teamwork and Works of Mercy conducted through the St Magdalene of Canossa Club and Social Services Classes.

Cultural training is fostered through co-curricular activities like Dramatics, Dance, Elocution and Singing.