Vision, Mission & Anthem


True to the vision of St. Magdalene, Canossian Educators, have a passion to ensure that : human beings enjoy their dignity of being children of God.


Integral formation by our approach of moral, intellectual, physical and social formation of the individual child irrespective of religion,caste, race, language and social status.

Apostolic Mission

  • Faith formation and holistic quality education, especially committed to the marginalized, vulnerable and challenged
  • Empowerment of women, including our Staff and Sisters
  • Consistent effort to safeguard and promote the integrity of creation
  • Enlightened social responsibility to transform our world into a welfare society with equal opportunity, justice, security and peace for all
  • Encouraging and mentoring lay leaders and encouraging critical, ethical, co-operative and creative thinking
  • Regularly evaluating our effort with our significant stakeholders for its relevance and effectivity

School Anthem

We assemble here today
With voices loud and gay,
To praise our Lord and King
For the blessings that He Brings

True Canossians here we stand
In our cherished motherland
To work and strive and see
Good citizens are we

To spread joy and happiness
And knowledge too, should be our quest
So Canossians, join in harmony,
With love and care in our fraternity.

Glory to God, Creator and King
Our Motherland too, all praises we sing
So that these loves all our hearts unite
Truth and Wisdom may in us abide.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Our Logo

The twelve stars in our logo represent Mary – Crowning Glory of God’s creation – who glorified God through her Life.

The letters A.D. in the logo signify Jesus Christ, the foundation of our Institute. M.D. stands for Mater Dolorosa – Mother of Sorrows – who is the dear Patroness of our Canossian Sisters of Charity